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Inline Hockey

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Blue Steel - B League Winter 2011 
Yella Bellies - C League Winter 2011

Inline Hockey vs. Ice Hockey

Many people encountering inline hockey for the first time may already be familiar with ice hockey.  Beyond the physical differences between ice skates and inline roller skates, the chief differences in inline hockey are:

  1. No checking.  Contact is allowed, but only when aiming to play the puck.
  2. No offsides.
  3. No icing.
  4. Played with 4 players (instead of 5 for ice) and a goalie from each team.
  5. Instead of a rubber puck, the game is played with a non-bounce plastic puck with hard nubs to reduce friction.  Lighter than an ice puck.
  6. Players wear a long and less padded pant specifically made for added mobility in roller hockey and often don't wear shoulder pads.

The major differences contribute to giving inline hockey a different style than ice hockey while maintaining the spirit of the game.  Inline hockey moves faster with more of a focus on finesse than strength and is more free-flowing, often resulting in higher scoring games.

*All ASA leagues will use "inline rules."  However, the adult leagues will play three 15-minute [continuous clock] periods.